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Sun 17 Apr 2005

List of cards that work
I've put up the "most reported to work" cards at This is based on a year of reports from users that were kind enough to send them in.

Thu 14 Aug 2003

The amazing disappearing NetStumbler
A number of people have reported that Network Stumbler 0.3.30 exits as soon as it starts scanning. This has been reported by users with the Linksys WPC54G, Asus WL-100G, Dell TrueMobile 1300, Buffalo WLI-CB-G54A. It will be fixed in version 0.4 (still coming soon!).

The symptom is not limited to NetStumbler exiting suddenly. You may see displays of corrupted data, lock ups, access violations or even blue screens or reboots.

Thu 8 May 2003

Status update on 0.4
Yes, I found and fixed the bug that you have all been complaining about. If you have all of the following... ... then the following sequence of events is likely to occur:
  1. You eventually associate with an access point while you're scanning.
  2. You go out of range, or in better range of a different AP.
  3. "Auto reconfigure" kicks in to disassociate you (otherwise "get AP names" won't work)
  4. In reconfiguring the card, it inadvertently puts it into a state where it will not discover any access points at all.
This has been fixed in version 0.4 (coming soon!)

Wed 12 Feb 2003

D-Link DWL-650+ again
There is a beta driver from D-Link that is also reported to work. I have not tried it myself yet.

Wed 22 Jan 2003

D-Link DWL-650+
Netstumbler 0.3.30 appears to work on Windows XP with the 2.3e version of the drivers for DWL-650+/520+.
PLEASE NOTE that this only applies to Windows XP. Do not try these drivers on other operating systems.

Wed 4 Sep 2002

NetStumbler status
I just got an Earthmate and am adding support for it. After that, I will see what I can do about improving Prism support.

Sun 18 Aug 2002

At last! 0.3.30 is here!
NetStumbler 0.3.30 is now available. Download here, or read the readme file.

Thu 15 Aug 2002

NetStumbler status
This week I am cleaning up some of the loose ends in version 0.3.30. When this is done, I will make it available. This version will work with the new drivers from windowsupdate, unlike version 0.3.23.
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