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Tue 29 Mar 2005

Offer of the day
Earlier I read today's hack a day post about GM Onstar. Of course I need to get hold of one so the soon-to-be-released 0.4.1 can include support for it. If you have one (or possibly a Motorola Oncore board) and would like it to go to a good home, please contact me. (Just the VIU or VCIM box please, not the whole car)

Tue 13 Apr 2004

New book
I was a contributor to the book WarDriving: Drive, Detect, Defend which is a treasure trove of tips about using NetStumbler, MiniStumbler, and WarDriving in general. Buy it!

Mon 2 Sep 2002

Worldwide WarDrive
The results of the Worldwide WarDrive are coming in and being posted on the web.

Thu 15 Aug 2002

Worldwide WarDrive
There will be a worldwide coordinated WarDrive on August 31. Read more here.

Mon 5 Aug 2002

FBI warns against 802.11
This email came to me via a number of sources. If you're familiar with wireless, nothing here will surprise you. However, for the folks that go to Fry's to buy a cheap AP and unwittingly blow holes in their company's LAN security, this should be required reading (as should the article at extremetech).
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